Conimex Prawn Crackers Natural

Conimex Prawn Crackers Natural

Conimex Crackers

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Indonesia; such an inspiration. It is a beautiful sight to watch the fishermen bringing the prawns ashore. You can taste this enjoyable moment in "Kerupuk" as well. Or prawn crackers, as we call it in English. The fresh prawns from the seas around Indonesia meet the best ingredients of the country, such as tapioca flower. According to traditional methods the prawn crackers are being kneaded. After that, it is shortly baked and has turned into a crispy and delicious side dish. In Indonesia you will see prawn crackers everywhere. And nowadays it is often used as an in-between meal as well!

Tip: to enrich its flavours dip these prawn crackers into the Conimex Ketjap or Sweet Chili Sauce.

Store in a dry place.

(Unprepared product)
Per 100 g Per portion** %* per portion**
Energy 2033 kJ (486 kcal) 508 kJ (122 kcal) 6%
Fats (g) 25 g 6,3 g 9%
Of which saturated (g) 2,1 g 0,5 g 3%
Carbohydrates (g) 63 g 16 g 6%
Of which sugars (g) 8,0 g 2,0 g 2%
Proteins (g) 2,5 g 0,6 g 1%
Salt (g) 2,5 g 0,63 g 11%

* % of the intake estimate of an average adult (8400 kJ/ 2000 kcal)
** 1 portion = 25 g (package contains around 3 portions)


Tapioca flour, sunflower oil, SHRIMP 18%, sugar, salt, raising agents (E450, E451), flavour enhancer E621